“Not another page of poetry!” I can hear you thinking just that. Well, I do hope that this page will be a bit more than that.

Ever since I was a kid, and we are going back decades here, I’ve written poetry and taken photographs. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and and photojournalist. For just over thirty-three years, I’ve been doing just that.

This page is where I am going to share some of my work. Mind you, some of it and not all of it. I’ll post what I’ve found to bethe most interisting bits from years past, as well a current pieces.

From time to time I may share the work of some of my friends on here as well. I think they are better at this writing stuff anyway.

Why not get in touch? You can emal me at Steven@APoetsPath.com


I am a poet, writer, photographer and so much more!

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